WAR OF EXPRESSIONS - Dubsmash Contest

WAR OF EXPRESSIONS - Dubsmash Contest

WAR OF EXPRESSIONS - Dubsmash Contest
WAR OF EXPRESSIONS - Dubsmash Contest

Hello Everyone,

We are overwhelmed by the response and love we are getting from all Telugu people. We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Thank You So Much.
We have worked very hard to reach this position. We know how much effort it requires to become successful in any stream. When we went out with this idea to create a comedy page, people laughed at us and mocked us. 

We don't want this to happen to the generations around us. There is a lot of talent around us waiting for an opportunity to show case their talents. When we have started posting funny dubsmashes on our Facebook  page, hundreds of videos poured into our inboxes. We were overwhelmed by the talent of the guys. But unfortunately we could not publish all of them because of our own page posting guidelines.

We have decided to showcase this talent to everyone. We also thought if we conduct a contest, the best of talents will come out. That gave birth to "WAR OF EXPRESSIONS".

War Of Expressions is a dubsmash contest, where the TELUGU dubsmashers showcase and compete against each other to become THE BEST TELUGU DUBSMASHER. Not only that, we also have decided to give a latest SMART PHONE to the winner of the contest. Wait, there is more to this, we promise to make the winner of the contest POPULAR among all Telugu people which in turn will give him/her more opportunities to become a STAR.

How To Participate In War Of Expressions?

You have to send us a video of your own dubsmashes (only self dubsmashes) by sending a mail to admin@yetakaramyenkatrao.com 

Send the following details in the mail

All this information is mandatory and will not be shared with anyone except for this contest.

1. Your Name
2. Dubsmash Title
3. Dubsmash Description
4. Your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter username so that we can give you proper credits.
5. Dubsmash Video
6. Email subject should be "War Of Expressions"

You must send your dubsmash video from your own mail id.

The video must be a minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 1 minute. Your video must not be more than 15MB in size. Your video will be uploaded to our youtube channel. The video which gets the most number of likes irrespective of the number of dislikes or views within a specific period of time (which will be mentioned later) will be the winner of the contest.

Contest will begin from 1st January 2017 and will last for a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks depending on the number of entries we receive.

Contestants are requested to be ready with at least 10 dubsmashes. 

Contestants must send your first dubsmash video before 25th of December 2016 to admin@yetakaramyenkatrao.com

Please note that only those videos which reach a minimum content quality standard will be eligible for the contest. The minimum content quality will be decided by the creative team of Yetakaram Yenkatrao and the decision of the team will be final, no arguments will be entertained in this respect.

War Of Expressions Contest in Detail:

Let us assume our creative team filters out 256 (for example only) videos out of all entries. These 256 videos will be uploaded to our youtube channel on the first come first serve basis. 

After 1st week, top 128 videos (will be decided by the number of youtube likes) will progress to the second level which will be for an another week. Those 128 members will be contacted to send their second video. 

After another week, top 64 videos will progress to the next level.

This process will continue until we get the top Dubsmasher. 

Once again it is requested that the contestants to be ready with at least 10 Dubsmash videos.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Send your own video only.
2. Only one entry per person is allowed.
3. By submitting your video, you are permitting us to upload your video to our youtube channel.
4. The video should not depict violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, or making derogatory comments  against sexuality, religion, community and race.
5. Please provide your original email id and facebook username. If at any later time, it is found out that the credentials are fake, the participation will be ceased.
6. The decision of the team of Yetakaram Yenkatrao will be final in declaring the winner and no arguments will be entertained in this respect. Rest assured, we will be impartial in declaring the winner.
7. The videos will be uploaded to our channel on the first come first serve basis.
8. The terms & conditions may change from time to time depending on the situation. You are requested to check the latest terms & conditions by visiting this page and adhere to those at all times.
9. By submitting your video, you are accepting to all these terms & conditions. If you do not accept to these terms, don't participate.
10. If you do not comply to these conditions at any later time, you will be barred & banned from further taking part in the contest.

*********** Good Luck  ***********